The Best Way to Make Love According to Arayah


Starting Kisses and Looks

The first thing to satisfy must be the eyes. Looking into each other’s eyes creates a connection to base the rest of the experience on. Any fears or nervousness that can be seen in each other’s eyes can be manage with a gentle smile. When this initial contract is done, then you can move down working to her mouth. Pause to observe any anxiety or trembling. For a delightful experience, it is very important that you reassure her not to get scared. It is important that your woman is ready because pushing her will lead to some problems. Take your time with her now and then the rewards can be great. Many men rush past these first stages of intimacy because they are afraid to get emotionally involved. However, you must understand that your woman wants to feel it from you. You have to let your girl understand that you want and need her in all aspect and not just for sex. Enjoy every touch that you make. Be playful, never set goals just enjoy the experience and do not push borders to avoid conflicts. This can reinforce them. Be perfectly satisfied with what you get, and much more shall be given to you. Assuring your woman that you are happy just being with her will make her want for your intimacy.

After smiling begin touching her.. Hhhhhmmmmnnn, the feeling of naked flesh is making things a little bit hotter. I know you are now aching for her but you need to give her more time. With a seductive smile continuously look at her eyes, while gently holding her hands and bringing it to your lips. Gently press your lips toward the back of her hand, after that twist it and press them once more to her palm. She will close her eyes to shut any distractions, for her to completely feel the nice physical sensation that you are starting to create in her. Gently kiss her inside forearm going to the elbow joint. Kiss her softly and gently but do not use your tongue. when you are done kissing her elbow, place her arm around her neck.. Take her other arm and put it around your neck. Place your hand in her waist as you look at her lips with full of longing. Her lips will quite likely be slightly parted by now,signaling that she’s ready for more.

If you feel that she is holding back, you need to kiss her cheek. Kiss her chin after. Take a look at her again and see if she is still holding back. His lips near me, that makes me feel his breathing and allow me to feel the warmth of his skin makes me feel so excited especially when he put his forehead slightly in mine. When he very carefully, almost un-noticeably strokes his lips against mine, my pussy gets wet. If you do this, you can be assured that your woman will long for your lips hungrily. Give her a chance to choose what she wants to do. Do not push her into doing anything, let her trust you completely. Savor the moment by pressing your lips against hers. Feel the texture of her lips. Watch how she reacts with you touches and kiss.. It is time to do your move, if you can feel that she is now craving for your kisses.

Taking Off The Clothes

It is important to note that woman’s clothing are really complicated! Be confident in taking it off, take your time, undress her carefully with passion. No need to worry if you fumble a bit. You just have to think, that it is hard for her to unzip your jeans at her angle as well. Break off the kiss and look down as you unbutton her blouse. Gently kiss her lovingly again when you slowly slide off her blouse from her shoulders. Run your hands up and down her naked arms, enjoying her flesh as she enjoys your caresses. Caress her back, noticing if the hooks on her bra are in back. As you move around her, trail your hands across, while kissing her neck and shoulder. Softly kiss the spot wherein the neck and the shoulder joins. Generally when men kiss this spot, women goes weak. When you slide off her bra from her shoulders, take a moment to admire her nakedness.

Cup her breast with your hands softly after a few moment of adoring her body. Do not spend so much time in playing her breasts and nipples. You must get bot of you naked.

Arayah  says you should pay attention to where you are dropping her clothes, since many women are kind of picky about that. Never drop your woman’s clothes in the floor, you should put them in the dresser or chair. They’ll be out of your way also.

Kiss her, pull away, and smile at her as you remove your shirt and undershirt. Go back to her arms and kiss her passionately when you are done removing your upper shirts. Kiss her long and deep. Play your tongue around her mouth, over her teeth. Your naked chest, pressed against her naked breast, enjoy and take the pleasure of the warmth it gives you. Hug her and pull her closer to you but make sure that you are not holding her too tight. Women don’t like to feel trapped by a man. Continously kiss her while caresing her back gently. Back off on the deepness of your kiss as you drop your hands to her waist. Never stop kissing her especially when you are about to unzip her jeans. It’s nice if you can do it without needing to look, but don’t fumble for too long. Remember your goal is to unbutton the jeans and not to remove it yet.

Go back to kissing. Check how she feels. If she’s pressing her body hard against yours, that’s a sign to move things along. She may be giving you little quick kisses rather than long deep ones. But, there are few women who enjoy ripping your clothing off and playing your throat with their tongue as hard as she can. If you get one of these, enjoy her!

Arayah suggest you should much her pace but allow her to be the most aggressive one. Strong passionate women, will let you know exactly what they want and how they want the loving making be carried out. A hint for you, she’ll probably want it hard and fast.

Note that many women remain to be passive while being undress. If ever your woman is not making an attempt to remove your jeans, then take it slow. Give her a moment to enjoy the sensation that she is feeling. If ever she break off from kissing you, look at her in her eyes smile at her.. In every move that she is making, give her an assurance that everything is alright.. The moment you try pulling down her jeans, observed her reaction. If she seems accepting then kiss your way down her neck, chest, tummy. You can drop to your knees now and get those jeans all the way down. When you are done pulling down her jeans, look at her. If your eyes meet, give her a smile. You are making her happy if she closed her eyes. While kissing her down to her tummy, hold in your hands both her ass cheeks. Let her feel the hotness of your breathe in her undies. Slowly stand up. Kiss her deeply and gently while removing your own jeans, kicking them away.

Slowly and gently bring her to bed. Urge her to sit on the edge of the bed and sit next to her. You should keep on caressing her shoulder and back with your fingers moderately and lightly, so that she can feel a tingling sensation. You have to play as well as cup her breast when you kiss her neck. Roll a nipple between your fingers while you kiss her earlobes. Kiss her and play with her mouth through your tongue. Kiss her harder, then give her a bunch of quick kisses all over her face. Caress her back until she is comfortably lying on bed. Bring your body on top of her.. Hold her face in your hands until she opens her eyes, then smile and kiss her. As she is only wearing her undies now, you can run your hands all over her body caressing her as you kiss her lips down to her neck. Spend some quality time with her breast by kissing it and licking it playfully as you caressing her legs.

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Arayah’s Having A Wonderful Sex


Making love. Passionate, juicy, wonderful sex.

We as human being enjoy love making. Who doesn’t? Passionate, Horny , Sensational in addition to superb sex. Love making is beyond comparison. It makes one so full of satisfaction and happiness. You can make a woman, scream, cry and beg for your touch and you alone, if you know which bitton to push. Good sex can make one energized and happy. Sadly, many men don’t know how to touch the right spot. Take it from me. I am Arayah an experienced woman and love to teach you how to do it. Having different positions along with the woman’s clit region are inadequate to make a woman scream for pleasure. Sweetheart, this you must know, rub all you can with that thing but definitely, it will not make your woman scream with pleasure.


Focus and Timing

Caress her slow that the waiting become so unberable. Never believe that sensual and slow touches cam bore a woman, it can infact make her more horny and hot. Woman needs to feel somewhat loved and not just being fucked. It is important that you enjoy each other so take your time. Know the signs and the needs of your woman’s body, as it reacts in your ever touch.

A very delightful man of age 25 was my very first sexual experienced in cyber world. I had been chatting for over six months, but never considered “cybering”. In the chat room, I spoke with him for several hours. Then one day, he surprise me by giving me a kiss. I was so amazed at the real physical feelings this generated in me! Surprisingly, that one kiss makes me wet and my nipples feel so hard. And a virtual kiss at that. This man, really know how to take things slowly right in romance. Day after day we would talk, and kiss. The day came when he took me further even more. With his arms around me, his lips on mine, his tongue in my mouth, he pushed me gently down onto our bed. I wanted him so much now, but he kept our pace slow. Kissing my neck while softly touching my breast. We took of our clothes, I was so amazed looking at his smooth skin and hard cock while he is looking longingly at my beatiful naked flesh. Pulled him down on top of me,as we continously play each other’s tongue. The hardness of his cock pressing against my pubic hair felt so good.

He reached down and guided his hard cock to my wet pussy, as we continue to kiss. Definitely this man really knew what is doing!

After we make love, I asked him where he learned how to please a woman like me, he says because of his past experiences. How both of them fumbled together on how to make it right since both of them are inexperienced, until finally they found the way to do it. He looked for the company of older women, learned from them on how to please them and he moved on when he learned so much to another woman….which leaves us wondering: What is Sex, anyway? In contrast to the well known belief, sexual satisfaction is not based in the body alone. Sex includes mind for many women. A woman needs to get fully in the mood first, or it will not matter how you tweak her body. If you think you could use some help, read on. If you think, you don’t need it…still I am recommending that you read along, I assure you’ll enjoy this. I am sure of that.

The very first and essential thing is the time and pace. Women love and need it slow. If you want to get laid in regular basis, don’t hurry to the “good part” take time to please your woman. So, why not learn to indulge in sex on a more psychological level yourself? The true goal of sex is not just about orgasm. Ectasy of both partner is the actual goal of sex. You do not need to work hard for her to orgasm and never allow yourself to lose confidence when some moment in time she does not reached orgasm. The fact is, many women don’t come as easily or as often as men do. You can make a woman cum even more than once, when you know how to control yourself and learn how to intimately indulge yourself in sex.

In fact, sex does not even have to involve penetration. Pleasure your woman by simply worshiping her body for the night. Look for all spot that can turn her hot and horny. Kiss, massage, brush, stroke, lick ..her arms, the middle of her shoulder blades, her neck, tummy, legs and behind her two knees in interval. You will find you can make her purr like a kitty by running your fingernails down her back or softly biting the skin of her thighs. The routine of “in-and-out” when done habitually will become a boring routine.

Arayah says each sexual episode must be an individual experience of exploration of and indulgence in sensual feelings.

There is no such thing as foreplay. That foreplay thing was invented by women who needs attention and variation from what their men always doing to them the usual in-and-out penetration. Sex for real women is a hot long experience of love making with wet feelings. Don’t allow yourself to become a victom of routine sex. Discover the means of making woman want you and need you more each day..


Hot Sex Moves

There are plenty of  sex moves that I want to share to all of you so that like me you will enjoy having sex with your partner too.  Below are the sex moves that I call Arayah hot moves that can surely make your sex life more pleasurable and enjoyable.
The Raise


Don’t get also jealous, but my man is insanely exceptional on giving oral. One particular second, right when I became almost around appear, I raised my butt a few inches from the bed as well as clenched my rear end muscle tissues for just two a few moments. The pressure accomplished my climax stronger than ever!

The Give up

My boyfriend and that i geared up a move, and after this when we get it done, we feel even more close, as it is our factor. I lie down on my own still left aspect and draw my leading knee as near to my upper body as I can. The real key kneels powering me and gets into, so our bodies are vertical with respect. He shots my breasts and sides and strikes my clitoris completely!

The Better

When my man becomes near, I stop and enter doggy-style. He then touches me down there for your final instances as he has been thrusting, and it’s really nearly certain that we shall occur at the same time. When we do, celebrate us sense a lot more fused.

The Pry apart

Once while i was messing around alone, I noticed that we cherished the friction my underclothing created in opposition to my clitoris, and so i produced the go on to my boyfriend’s consideration. Now, I’ll keep dolled up for much more time, when we all do ultimately deprive, the sexual intercourse is extra extreme because of the a sense desperation.

The Look

I had been timid during sex, though the shift that introduced me out of my spend occurs when I excavated my claws into my man’s bottom whenever we have been in missionary and pulled him more detailed. It really is an easy way to demonstrate you are into it without having yelling.
The Squash

I think, the whole point of located on top is always to feel as if you are taking over. My trick: When Now i’m slipping up and down his manhood, I squash my PC muscle groups on my way lower. The pressure my tightening results in helps make me experience in charge. Figuring out from my guy’s sighs, he digs it!

The Cushion Factor

To generate doggie-style much more remarkable, I place two pads below my abdomen when I am just resting facedown. It creates this arch, therefore it is simpler in my boyfriend going to the best right my clitoris. We go nut products.

The Tiny Good friend

I was having difficulty orgasming, so my sweetheart and I attempted a vibe during doggie-style i arrived! Just knowing will be able to ejaculate from which enables me enjoy other opportunities since i don’t see them as a method to a stop.

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